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Saw the trailer for battleaces during e3 and thought it looked cool,

Now that I've played it for a few hours, it's everything I hoped stormgate would actually be.

A fast paced competitive RTS that innovates and makes competitive RTS more accessible without taking away the skill ceiling.

And somehow it's even more polished than stormgate despite stormgates massive funding. As far as I know battle aces hasnt taken a single dollar from players so far but the unit voice lines and overall art and unit design are peak.

Try it out if you get the chance, a lot of sc2 pros are giving out keys on their streams.

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We hope their game does very well and we're always excited to see more RTS games being made to bring new players to our favorite genre. That said, we are working on very different game experiences and the scope couldn't be further apart:

  • Stormgate has 3 asymmetric factions
  • Stormgate will have a wide variety of maps
  • Stormgate will feature an ongoing campaign mode with new missions coming regularly
  • Stormgate will have 3P Co-op vs AI featuring Heroes
  • Stormgate will have a competitive 3v3 mode
  • Stormgate will have a powerful in-game editor for custom games, maps, and mods

As for our game having massive funding, most AAA games today are made with 100M+ budgets. Frost Giant (now part-owned by many investors from our community) is self-publishing Stormgate. BattleAces is bankrolled by Tencent in China, the 2nd-biggest game company in the world.

We are maintaining our independence so that we can always make decisions (about our game, business model, and so on) guided by what's best for our game, our players, and our studio.

Again, it's cool to hear that you're having fun with other RTS games and hope you enjoy our game as well. The more the merrier!

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Originally posted by [deleted]


This is not true. We want to maintain our independence to always do what's best for our game--it would be easy for a publisher to force us to institute a pay-to-win business model, for example, if we were to lose creative control.

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Originally posted by MidLaneNoPrio

Stormgate will have 3P Co-op vs AI featuring Heroes

Stormgate will have a competitive 3v3 mode

Are you suggesting that PvP 3v3 will not have heroes as originally planned?

No. Our 3v3 mode will include Heroes.

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Originally posted by Hirmetrium

Hey Gerald, is it correct in thinking both Dev's know each other quite well, since a lot of them worked on projects together while at Blizzard?

I am quite enjoying both, and honestly the more RTS that release, the better for me!

Yes, we've worked alongside members of the Battle Aces team before and we wish them lots of success! We're rooting for our friends working on other games too, like ZeroSpace and Tempest Rising. Lots of RTS games doing well is ideal for all of us (as players and fans as well as devs).

As players take breaks, move on, or just want to try something new, they'll often look for experiences similar to those they already enjoy, so we all want the love for RTS to grow!

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Originally posted by rigginssc2

It feels like you are insinuating something when you keep saying you want to be independent. Like, you are in some way saying "Unlike Uncapped who are clearly unable to make the game they want..."

You don't know that, and from listening to David Kim, in vids and in person, I think he is doing exactly what he wants.

Not saying that at all. But when you give up control (required for a Publishing deal when it's not a regional partnership such as our agreement with Kakao in Korea), you lose the ability to make your own decisions--creative, business, and otherwise.

We have extensive experience working for a major publisher from our days under Activision and--been there, done that--we're aiming to maintain our independence. We don't want a Publisher prioritizing near-term profits over doing what's best for our game, our players, and our studio.

Hopefully that clears it up for you.