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2s hi I'm Aaron Larsson the lead campaign
4s designer here at Frost Giant and today
6s I'm going to be giving you an early look
8s at the stormgate in-game editor that we
10s are using to develop the game here I am
13s playing stormgate on Titans Causeway and
17s uh I want to make some changes to this
18s map to do that I simply push
23s F12 the game will take a quick moment
26s and it'll put me right in the editor so
30s first up we're going to be starting in
31s the terrain Tab and using the cliff tool
34s um what I want to try to do here is see
36s if I can make this area a little bit
38s safer for the player to take of course
41s we don't want to make it too easy so
42s let's add a ramp in here as well and um
46s one thing you'll notice here is I've got
48s symmetry turned on so I can just go back
50s to the other side and that's already
53s done for me there are a lot of different
55s options for symmetry including a
58s rotational two-way rotational four-way
60s Sy
61s the Symmetry tool doesn't just work with
63s Cliffs Um this can also work with just
66s about every other tool we have here so
69s we'll start with a little bit of of the
70s Sandy
72s texture and put a little bit of dirt
75s around it as
76s well so as I'm painting in you'll notice
80s that this is actually taking information
82s from the height map that the texture
83s uses this way we can get naturall
86s looking transitions without too much
89s effort in order to really speed up our
92s development time we really wanted to use
94s paint brushes for as many things as
96s possible things like uh height
98s manipulation we can paint collision and
102s even paint
104s water in addition to that we also have
107s tools for painting things like trees
109s down we can create forests like really
112s quickly or even better we can take the
116s uh light forest and replace some of
119s these um quite easily just using these
121s paintbrush tools and when it comes to
124s decorating we have a whole number of
126s options for decorating maps and one of
128s the things that we did to help us find
130s things quickly is create tags so I can
133s type in forest and that will give me um
137s not just things that are named Forest
139s but things that go in our forest tile
141s set so we can add all number of things
143s that belong in the um Forest tile set oh
147s and butterflies for the flowers that'll
148s be nice now let's go ahead and add some
152s more functionality to this map I have
153s got this idea I want to create a convoy
156s that moves across the map and give the
157s players a chance to intercept that
159s Convoy for a chance winning some extra
162s resources in order to get this Convoy
164s working we're going to use triggers we
166s use triggers um to build our content um
169s this is very similar to how it worked in
171s Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 2 and we use
173s this in order to speed up the map making
176s process but it also is a lot safer you
179s can just start plugging things in and
182s it'll start working now I've got a
184s couple triggers set up here and I'm
185s going to walk through
186s them first we have a convoy spawn
189s trigger and we can use the events to
193s tell the mission when these events
194s should happen so starting with map
196s initialization as well as every 120
199s seconds of mission time we're this whole
201s event is going to
202s fire and what we're going to do is we're
205s going to create a chicken we're going to
207s assign it to a variable and then we're
209s going to tell that chicken to move
211s across the map to the other
213s side the other thing we're going to do
215s is we have a convoy dies trigger we can
218s pass that variable that we set up
220s earlier into this event and when that
223s chicken dies we can uh create a reward
226s all right here we are in Game and look
229s at that our little chicken is moving
231s across the map let's go ahead and test
233s out to see if um it'll drop some
237s rewards it did hooray everything's
240s working great all right so going into
242s the data tab we have a lot of places
246s where we can put data different game
248s effects like Buffs or buttons for
252s abilities or various um game effects
255s like creating unit or doing damage or
258s healing um so on and so forth not only
261s can you use any number of existing
263s effects that we've already created but
265s you can also quickly and effectively
267s create something completely custom so
269s let's go ahead and create a new unit
271s with some new
273s abilities let's give it the Weaver's
276s lash
277s ability and we also want to give it a
280s button on the command card and let's go
284s ahead and make some updates to the Lash
285s ability as well let's turn on
289s AutoCast and we'll set the coal down to
292s one all right that should do it let's
295s test it
296s out all right so our boss spawned here
300s let's give him some bad guys to
305s shoot there you have it that's the start
307s of a new ability there's a lot of ways
310s to take it from here to really customize
312s and make it exactly the way you want it
315s to thanks for watching this early
317s demonstration of the stormgate in-game
319s editor these are work in progress tools
321s that we're still building functionality
323s for and there's a lot of work that needs
324s to be done in order to make this tool as
326s userfriendly and fast as possible we
328s can't wait to release the stormgate
330s in-game Editor to the public and see
332s what the world will create with these
334s [Music]
341s tools