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For those interested in finding out who is the real galactic ace, I seek your support in persuading the devs to allow us true custom dogfights. It's the great equalizer we had for XvT. Everyone flying the same craft. No excuses. If the participants fly the same ship and same loadouts, if any, the better pilot will emerge.


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Why is this so hard for people to figure out. I don't mean finished as in there are no players. I mean the game is FINISHED development. They are not coming back except MAYBE for some minor bug fixing.

This is pretty much it, yeah. No further content additions or changes are planned. We do have some balancing we're planning to do, though. More on that soon!

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Hm, wonder if this will include nerfing things like boost skipping, boost gasping, boost grasping, goose blasting, dead drifting, undead drifting, oculus rifting, boost shunting, shunt charging, shield skipping, sloop licking, etc etc

Goose blasting will be buffed by 20%

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Imagine a company selling a broken beta for $30 and actively telling its customers no more additions are coming out

What do you mean?

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Yeah. From the onset, we've been clear that this isn't a live service. We've actually supported the game a fair bit longer than expected, too, haha! At some point, the team has to move on to the next projects that are waiting for them and that point has now arrived.

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Shame on you for being lazy. How hard would it be to get an emp vs emp or NR vs NR?

That was a very impolite comment.