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23 Oct


Originally posted by Rebelpilot

Charlemagne, I still find it awesome at the end of the day you are one of us. I flew with you as my 2nd ever game and it was really an honor (you out flew me big time and I thought I'd be running the room).

Hopefully you guys get through the rough stuff and can convince EA to give us more content!

Haha, that's awesome! I love playing with the community or even solo whenever I can.

22 Oct


Originally posted by jpg14

Hey! I’ve been playing more support than anything else, and I’ve got to say it feels pretty balanced. I can’t say I’ve ever been in a situation where I’ve felt like I was in a position where I couldn’t do anything because of the role, rather than myself, given that all things match made and otherwise were equal. I do wish that some options felt a little more viable (longer range on targeting beacons would feel good, though I’m not sure if that would be broken) and I’m curious about the mechanics/lock on of some abilities.

For example, tactical shield will often override your selected target for someone else, which can feel pretty bad given it’s long cool down. The auto lock on for it also doesn’t differentiate between those who have an overcharged shield/shielding already placed on them, and those who don’t, which can lead to redundant shielding or missing out on a clutch save. A question I have is as to whether or not the shielding applies even if the ally is out of FOV. ...

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All that is very good feedback! Thank you! Honestly, sometimes just hearing that something doesn't feel right or is unclear is really important to us.


Got a screenshot of that? If so, I'll flag it. If we're using the censor I think we are, it's made by an AI, so it sometimes gets stuff wrong because it thinks players are using a word as a "bad word."

Edit: The droid is doing its best, though. I believe in it.


I'd definitely be interested in hearing your thoughts around balance for Support if you're maining it! (And anyone else's.)


Originally posted by zentimo2

Rockets are Love, Rockets are Life.

This particular move, 180ing into Interceptors and shredding them with guns and rockets, is one of the most joyous things to do in the game.

This. I've started to get better at this and it feels so evil to take out a bomber in a joust, but so worth it.

21 Oct


Unorthodox tactics are the best tactics. Well done!

20 Oct

16 Oct


Originally posted by GunSlingerAUS

Phew. Is it fixable?

Almost certainly! Not everyone is experiencing it, despite how common it is and seems, so we’re narrowing down the cause for those that are.

15 Oct


Originally posted by GunSlingerAUS

Weird that such a massive issue isn't top of the fix list. You guys do acknowledge that it is a big problem right? Just because some PC and VR gamers don't mind massive stuttering, it doesn't mean this isn't a thing.

It is.


Originally posted by John-Zero

So is the ranking, as it currently exists, based on wins and losses? I assumed it was based on personal performance.

Yeah, it's based on a lot of factors beyond just wins and losses.


Originally posted by John-Zero

A few questions, hope you can answer them:

Can you give an idea of what the reworking of the ranking system is going to look like, or might look like? The EA Answers page mentions that a rework is under discussion.

Would it be possible to maybe include something in the game that explains how it works? On the rare occasions when I can actually get into a ranked match without getting Error Code 218, I can have a pretty good outing and my ranking goes from 900 to 909.

Basically it would be nice if scoring and ranking were less opaque. It seems like no matter what I do in a given round, my score is lower than people who appear to have done less, going by the scoreboard. If I'm doing really well on kills, someone else is outscoring me from cap ship damage. If I'm crushing it on cap ship damage, someone else is outscoring me from kills. I've even had matches where I have more kills and cap ship damage than anyone else on my team, and I'm in like third pla...

Right now, we're not ready to share how the ranking system will change since we're still gathering feedback and finalizing the design. It is something we'll detail in the future, though. And as for your ranking, right now, the system is hindered by the rank 0 bug since the game thinks you're facing very low-skilled players.


Originally posted by just_blue

I cannot comprehend why you are repeatedly saying this is not a bug.
What is it then? An inside-joke? "Let´s f**k all people who can only fly with this common control scheme, lol"? Is it a feature to impede people who can fly well with a controller?

I cannot move my ship in the same way all people without this issue can. I cannot change it because my brain is hard wired this way, through years of practice with this control scheme. Why the hell am I being intentionally punished for the way I like to assign my buttons / axis?

It just means that's how it was designed based on things like user research testing. We know it's not like other games, but that was on purpose. However, since enough people have provided feedback about it, the team is looking into what changes or additional options can be made.

Edit: It actually is a bug as I've just been informed. My bad!


Originally posted by Chackaldane

Just want to clarify as I saw it referenced before on here but it isn’t in known issues. Is aviator control still being looked at as it is currently bugged? I managed to fix it for myself because it only happens when pitch and roll are bound to the same axis, but it’d be nice for controller users without software to have the option.

It's not a bug, but yes, we're taking in player feedback on this point!

Edit: Never mind! This is a bug.


Originally posted by SupaDupaDeluxo

If it's one of the top priorities then why is it not listed as so in the notes?


Originally posted by Pickles256

What about the horrible rate in which we gain/lose rank? As of right now, it’s impossible to rank up, because a single loss sets you back multiple wins

This is tied to the Rank 0 issue. Since the game thinks you're playing against people who are a way lower rank than you, you take a huge hit from losses and earn very little in the process. It should resolve once the rank bug is fixed.


Originally posted by Brownie-UK7

thanks for the patch notes. Shame there is no update for the 60fps locked issue. I see it is still on the "under investigation list". Any info you can share with us on that topic?

Alongside the rank 0 issue, it's one of our top priorities.

Hey pilots,

First off, thank you so much to all the pilots who have been playing Fleet Battles, providing us with feedback, and enjoying the game while we work through a few issues. It’s been great to see!

Right now, we’re tracking three main issues with our Fleet Battles mode and we’re working on each diligently. Thankfully, if you’re newer to the game, you should be less likely to run into the first issue due to a recent update.With that said, we understand the frustration this has caused for those who have been impacted, so here is what we’re working on:

  • Some players stuck at 0 skill rank or aren’t able to rank up as intended
    • We’re working on a fix for players stuck at 0 skill rank and are exploring how best to reset ranks
  • A small number of players unlocked the ranked helmet rewards due to a bug
    • As the players who’ve experienced have guessed, we’ll likely remove th...
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Representing the wrong side, but it still looks fresh!

Nice Darth Vader mask too, stay safe!

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