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Ok so maybe I'm dumb and just don't get how lasers work, playing the game too much like elite dangerous with fixed weapons, idk, but when I get killed I'm often wondering how exactly the other guy killed me. In the kill cams other people are rarely actually aiming at me and when watching YouTube videos it's also the case that the lasers just don't seem to go to the center, but track people for like.. I'd say about 10% distance between center and monitor edge, no idea how else to phrase is, cm don't help because of different monitor sizes. Not guided lasers, standard ones. My main question is: how

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Not a bug, actually, but how the system is built! The kill cam isn't a 1:1 recording of what happened as you may expect. It's actually the game recreating the event as closely as possible, so it might look a touch off sometimes.

This is one of those things where, to me, it feels like game development is really just black magic. Engineers are way too smart, haha.