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Hey all,

with the newest patch we got some changes to AI and Morale (welcome changes!). When our team started working on the new mechanics and started grinding ranked matches we noticed something that might needs some discussion.

Im talking about Morale , mainly in defense. The very main point here is, that the AI gets close to the defending Team. Swinging back Morale almost entirely just takes around 2 AI Squadronds + maybe a few extra. With 1-2 dedicated players and Multirockets and/or Goliath Missle , we figured that it often takes less than a minute to fully swing back the Morale. Sometimes even much less (its a little dependant and adding 1-2 playerkills on top can speed up this process to insane levels).

This also renders the Raider/Corvette borderline useless. We dont attack it anymore , not a single shot. Because focusing on AI Squadrons and enemy Players swings back the Morale so fast , that the Raider/Corvette explodes automatically and way way sooner than we could have taken it down with Firepower.

If you now have 2 Teams that are aware and have dedicated defense Farmers. You often end up in very exhausting games resulting in total Morale Ping-Pong. Im mean yes , this system is meant to be flipping back and forth in Morale , i get that. But with the current distribution of Morale and the overall Design it takes a lot away from the Importance of Raiders/Corvettes and i dont think its really fun to not be able to play planed attacks because if you dont rush like crazy , your Timewindow for an attack closes before you can even get there.

Right now, most of the players there are still unaware of how much impact the elimination of just a few AI Fighers in defense dominates the game. So the fun we have in Squadrons right now is a little limted because the really good and challenging matches are rare. Either you stomp or you end up in tedious Morale Ping Pong. And please dont bring up "you can get in there and Kill the Farmer" In most cases you wont even get there before the Multirocket Beep. This is mainly about AI Killing in Defense , keep that in Mind.

Here is a Link to a Post i made with some Video: https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsSquadrons/comments/jqxq1y/moralesystem_needs_more_work/gbqrxu9?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

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Thanks for the feedback here!