Heroes of the New Republic! Stalwarts of the Galactic Empire! Pilots, one and all.

We’re so glad to see how much you’ve been enjoying Star Wars™: Squadrons. Over the past few months, we’ve brought you a few surprise content drops, fixed bugs, added custom matches, and made balancing tweaks to the game. All the while, we’ve been having a blast watching the wonderful community-run tournaments you’ve been putting on, like The Calrissian Cup! It’s been fun for us to take a step back and be fans of your work, so thank you to all the community members who’ve been arranging and flying in those matches.

As we settle into the new year, we wanted to make sure all of you are up to date with what’s next for Squadrons. Firstly, over the next few weeks, we’ll be balancing starfighters and components as well as tuning matchmaking parameters to provide the best experience for years to come. We’re taking your feedback into account, so thanks for sounding off! These will be done via server-side changes, so updates aren’t needed (possibly occasional downtime).

Additionally, there are more cosmetics to come! Many new customization options have already been added to the game and will roll out with Operations and special events. There are also two remaining Twitch Prime rewards, so be sure not to miss those!

The last cosmetic drop is planned for May the 4th, though new Operation rewards will continue after that. Keep completing online challenges through Dogfight and Fleet Battles to unlock them. We do ask all you data miners out there to not spoil these (surprises are fun)! For full details on how Operations work, please see our Pilot Briefing on the subject.

As always, thank you so much for all the support you’ve given us. It’s been wonderful to bring this classic starfighter experience to a new era of gaming. As we begin to work on our next projects (while staying warm against this winter chill!), we’ll still keep an eye on what you're up to. But until next time. . . .

See you in the stars, pilots. Punch it!

—The Star Wars: Squadrons team

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Originally posted by Heresy321

Thanks for the heads up, any idea when we should expect these balance changes?

First one already went live!

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