The following are the server-side balancing changes we've made this week:

Starfighters & Components

To bring the A-wing’s performance more in line with the other starfighters without impacting its role as an interceptor, we’ve made the following changes to it across the board. The A-wing should now require more skilled power management to use and be more prone to trading or losing in jousts.

  • A-wing shield capacity decreased by 20%
  • A-wing shield overcharge decay rate increased by 100% to match TIE defender’s
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Originally posted by elpokitolama

It feels weird to see the A-Wing now requiring more skilled power management with a value tweaked to match the Tie Defender's... While that one has the easiest power management in the game, by a massive margin. Can we expect a nerf for it in the comming days/weeks?

Yes! We're taking it week-by-week so we don't over nerf/buff anything. We're going to watch how the A-wing changes we did this week impact things and then base our next tuning change on it.