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So there’s been a lot of reports of several different bugs in the second launch of Conquest 7.

SEE and JMLS kills don’t advance feats when they are transformed by their ultimate abilities.

Wins with all LS or DS (example I saw was DS) are not consistently being counted.

Teams with 5 attackers are not advancing the feats for having 5 attackers and having no tanks.

Instant kill abilities like CAT’s force leap are not counting as kills. Possibly connected to another issue where SLKR kills were not consistently counting as kills from unaligned force users.

People are experiencing instant defeat in mid battle. Not a draw, not a timeout. Fight just ends with a defeat message while all characters on both sides are still standing.

These are all issues that can be found here on the forums and some members of my guild have experienced as well.

My question for CG is, should we expect this Conquest to be canceled too? Or will we be expected to tough it out with feats that don’t work and random battles being dropped? Will we get compensation for all the time, effort, and crystals we waste and for the rewards we fail to get due to these bugs?

I'd love to know how many of these are real and how many imagined.

If only there were some sort of mechanism that could help us know. Something that would help count things that happened. A counter of feats, perhaps.

I will not give up on this. Tooth and nail.
In response the OP, I am trying to forward as many issues as possible. Some of it is tricky as the debuff issue affecting feats can easily be mistaken as a feat not working, or the issue is not able to be reproduced. But, I am forwarding issues to the QA team and the devs are working on them.

The SEE/JML thing has been reported and is known.

I'll provide updates as I can.

Thanks again for your help in reporting issues and providing feedback.