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22 May


2 days ago - /u/CG_TopHat on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by CG_TopHat

Thanks for flagging. We are looking into it now. It may be a local issue. I’ll update soon.

Yeah, we just scanned the logs. This looks like a local service disruption. We’ll continue to monitor and see if anything on our end spikes.


2 days ago - /u/CG_TopHat on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Thanks for flagging. We are looking into it now. It may be a local issue. I’ll update soon.

20 May

Galactic Upgrade Kit

4 days ago - CG_SBCrumb on News - Thread - Direct
Hi folks,

There was an issue over the weekend with the Galactic Upgrade Kit having the incorrect price listed on the Android store. The price on Android will be updated to the correct amount of $7.99 shortly. Also, it should be noted that the pack description is incorrect. The pack is only purchasable once in the period of time it is offered, not once per day. Apologies for any confusion.

We will not be issuing a refund for the differential. If the error had resulted in an increase to the price, we would refund those players, however since it was a discount, we will not be providing any compensation.

As a reminder, we do not do any sort of price testing such as showing one group of players one price and another group a different price. This was an error.

Hi all,
We are aware of purchasing issues with the Galactic Upgrade Kit and are seeking information to resolve. There have been some reports of it not being purchaseable for some, and for others a pricing discrepancy (some people are seeing it for $6.99 US when the price is set to $7.99), so we are reaching out to get more information.

Because this may involve contacting groups outside of the studio over the weekend (and because the error is lower than the list price), we may end up resolving it tomorrow. Not today.

We'll keep you posted as we find out more info.


17 May

Friday Fun Fact

7 days ago - CG_SBCrumb on Forums - Thread - Direct


I've been noticing a good number of Chewbacca portraits in my Arena and in GA but I was curious how many people actually equipped the new Title/Portrait. Our data experts showed me that over 97k players that have equipped the "Loyal Friend" title and the Portrait commemorating Peter Mayhew. That's pretty amazing! Thanks for keeping the memory alive!

Do you always post Friday Fun Facts? If not, you totally should. That'd be a nice, fun little boost of morale.

This is the first time but maybe we can make into something regular. I like cool data!
From our Feature Producer:

We’ve been spending a lot of time internally looking qualitatively and quantitatively at player interactions with Grand Arena over the last several months in preparation for the release of Grand Arena Championships. While we’ve mostly focused on adding a layer of progression, variety and competition to the existing feature, one thing we’ve gotten plenty of feedback from players about is making changes to matchmaking.

Over the last few months, we’ve leaned much more heavily into Galactic Power as a matchmaking component because we saw that many players were concerned about the fairness of going up against a player with a meaningfully different collection size. This has resulted in a lot of fun, close matches, and very few “blowouts”, but it has also led to a bit of a disconnect in some players’ expectations, and resulted in some degenerative behavior patterns as a result.

Specifically, we’ve heard a lot from players who ... Read more

Questions for an Upcoming Q&A

7 days ago - CG_SBCrumb on News - Thread - Direct
Hi Holotable Heroes,

Have a question you’ve been dying to ask the developers? We are gathering questions for an upcoming Dev Q&A!

Stay tuned to the forums for the announcement of the date and time of the Q&A.

As always, we won’t be answering questions about legal issues, monetization, when will X character be coming to the game, etc.

Click the link to submit your questions >>> SurveyMonkey

Nute Gunray FAQ

7 days ago - CG_SBCrumb on News - Thread - Direct
Hi Holotable Heroes,

I’ve seen some good questions around Nute Gunray’s kit so I’ve put together a short FAQ of the hottest topics.

"In time, the suffering of your people will persuade you to see our point of view” - Nute Gunray
  • Q: How does Extortion work?
  • A: Extortion is an ability that you grant to enemies. They can choose to “spend” Extortion during their turn to get rid of it. If they do - you gain "Profit". If they don't, Nute’s kit has many ways to punish enemies who deny him his payment.
  • Q:When does the AI prioritize Extortion? What about Raid Bosses?
  • A: In most cases, the AI will use their other specials first, then use Extortion, and finally their basic - so it’s fairly easy to predict when the computer player will use it. Raid Bosses handle this the same way that other units do, but Raid bosses are of course immune to healing. You can extort raid bosses, and if the AI would choos...
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Hi, can you DM me your ally code, so I can have a look? Thanks!

15 May

Content Update 5/15/2019

9 days ago - CG_SBCrumb on News - Thread - Direct
Hi Holotable Heroes!
Here is all the new content you’ll find after today’s update, 5/15/2019.

For more info on these units, check out the kit reveals and strategy guides below:
... Read more

Server Update 5/15/2019

9 days ago - CG_SBCrumb on Forums - Thread - Direct
Server Update is complete and all eligible players should have received their Ability Materials from Nute Gunray's Leader ability. If you have not, please reboot your client now.

May Calendar Update

9 days ago - CG_SBCrumb on News - Thread - Direct
Hi Holotable Heroes,

I had posted with this month’s calendar that we may need to move or cancel the last Grand Arena this month but good news! We will have space in the calendar to run a 4th Grand Arena with some minor adjustments to accommodate for an upcoming release.
  • Review Periods for both Grand Arenas starting on 5/20 & 5/27 will be shortened to 1 hours (Review Period for 5/13 will be shorten to 1 hour too)
  • Preview/Sign Up Periods for 5/20 & 5/27 Grand Arenas will both be shortened to 23 hours

Also a reminder about Monday's changes to the calendar, Territory Wars will not have any bonuses (including the original bonuses: First Order, Resistance, Scoundrels and Bounty Hunter) going forward. Due to the feedback we’ve received about the different formats of Territory Wars and that an original rules version was a... Read more

Server Update 5/15/2019

9 days ago - CG_SBCrumb on News - Thread - Direct
Hi Holotable Heroes!

In preparation for Nute Gunray’s rework, today’s update will roll back any Ability Materials you used to upgrade Nute Gunray’s Leader Ability.

  • Due to the upcoming rework of Nute Gunray's Leader Ability, we are refunding the ability materials you applied to it.

Please note that you will need to reboot your client if you are not seeing the above changes after the update.

14 May

Dooku and Nute Gunray reworks

10 days ago - /u/CG_SBCrumb on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by hesjingixen

While we have you does Extortion work with Raid Bosses? Or does it?

It works like normal. The AI will generally prioritize their Special Abilities over Extortion and using Extortion over their Basic

Dooku and Nute Gunray reworks

10 days ago - /u/CG_SBCrumb on Reddit - Thread - Direct

Originally posted by Mirrodin90

I like both of them. These are reasonable kits again. Still, why does Nute revive ?? I can’t seem to get it.

He manages to escape almost everytime he is captured! His revive is mostly based on how slippery a Separatist he is

Rally the Separatist Forces

10 days ago - CG_SBCrumb on News - Thread - Direct
Hi Holotable Heroes,

Galaxy of Heroes' Clone Wars campaign continues with updated kits for Count Dooku and Nute Gunray. These reworks will provide two very different Leaders for your Separatist teams.

Count Dooku’s tune up will see him continue to be the countering powerhouse that he always has been, but now is a better choice of leader for the Separatists - no longer relying on General Grievous and the Separatist Droids.

Nute Gunray's character identity is getting some big changes. Nute Gunray extorts his opposition to fulfill his agenda by forcing his opponents to choose between two bad options. Will you give into Nute's extortion for now or pay the price later?

Note: We will be returning all Ability Materials on Nute Gunray's Leader Ability as we are shifting that character’s identity. Both the ability changes and the returning of the Ability Materials will occur in updates later this week.

Find the full changes here:
Read more

It is a known issue we are aware of. Keep an eye on the patch notes ( ) for any news.

Territory Wars Outage 5/11

11 days ago - CG_SBCrumb on News - Thread - Direct
Hi Holotable Heroes,

Due to the minor server outage on May 11th that impacted Territory Wars, we will be sending all players eligible for Territory Wars 250 Crystals as an apology. Our servers experienced higher than normal load over the weekend and caused some players to have issues participating in Territory Wars. We are working to prevent this issue in the future and ensuring that this problem does not occur again.

Due to the feedback we’ve received about the different formats of Territory Wars and that an original rules version was affected, we’re planning to run original 5v5 versions for the foreseeable future. As always, this is subject to change.

Good luck and we’ll see you on the holotables.


13 May

Originally posted by Potato_in_my_veins

There's no definitive answer in that thread. I'm not sure what to do...

Edit: I kind of want to progress with this event, so if you can give me a list of steps to follow, I'd be very appreciative. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Ally Code is 698-336-336

nt to progress with this event, so if you can give me a list of steps to follow, I'd be very appreciative. Thanks in advance.

Unfortunately, there are now steps at the moment. Please wait until we release a patch to fix it.

11 May

Thanks for posting. The last error occurred over 30 minutes ago, so you should be safe again. Message here:

Territory Wars Errors

13 days ago - CG_Carrie on News - Thread - Direct
An unexpected surge in writes to the guild-territory-zone-data table started at 10:00AM PST and continued steadily for the next twenty minutes, so the Galaxy of Heroes Tech Ops team has been increasing the write provisioning on that table. This potentially would have affected anyone trying to access Territory War, and should be resolving now.

We'll monitor the effects of this on guilds and determine the impact and makegood on Monday.

Originally posted by porkins_sf

What is it about Jira that you loathe? Not gonna lie, I get a little concerned when I hear people on a sw project talk like that. I've worked primarily on safety critical systems my career and tools like Jira & Bugzilla & others are crucial for knowing what's going on. I can understand why non-safety critical products might not need that same level of intense attention to detail but it's always helped things run smoother and especially keep track of problems.

I don't like overly rigid structures either...for example whenever I work with a legacy products using waterfall or spiral methods I do what I can to move away from that. But we've never moved away from using Jira-like tools for tracking features and bugs.

I'm not really bagging on the tool. It's more a shorthand for my own PTSD about the times I've had people who knew how to wield a hammer (JIRA) see everything as a nail - and the hours and hours of arcane debates I've had about "what exactly constitutes an Epic vs a Story vs a Subtask?" and other esoteric conversations that would make a mystic blush.

JIRA (or any number of other systems) are great for tracking the status of tasks, features, bugs, etc. and can be incredibly powerful tools if you do the work to configure it in a way that works with your team's workflow. I'm personally much more of a visual/tactile learner, always want to jump up and diagram stuff on a whiteboard, make mind maps, user story mapping, move sticky notes around, etc.

I remember early on in my career as a Producer on a different title, a Technical Director sat me down and told me the only way I could communicate with the engineering team was to deliver a flat list of user stories strict...

Read more

10 May

Originally posted by EACarrie

IIRC, it was in the Malak build which we made the somewhat late call to give ourselves another day to work through some beta feedback. For a good portion of the 10th though, we still thought we would have it out on time. When we moved the build, we should have put the MF up anyway but it takes some work to create a separate build and QA it and we’ve been making decisions to de-risk where we can because we’ve had some build issues of late.

But it’s a fair point, the second we made the call to move the build out, we should have posted that the MF would be delayed a day as well.

One of the things we did fairly recently is put a DD over community (not sure what kind of Dev you are or if Development Director has the same meaning that it does at EA), but he’s basically building out better organization and structure for that group. Workflows, etc. I agree it’s been especially sloppy this year, and it’s not for a lack of effort. So we are now coming in with a big process ma...

Read more

While I loathe JIRA (and overly rigid structure that inhibits creativity), I am pretty excited to hand off the stuff I dislike (scheduling, tracking statuses) and do the stuff I am good at (?, Carrie is welcome to dispute me) at (producing content, dreaming up new campaigns, publicly harassing Crumb).

Originally posted by Wu_Tang_Financial77

Two things:

Why is it a problem to not have a guarantee that the same players are able to farm the same amount of crystals from additional game modes? Someone that performs well in all game modes outside of SA essentially gets no additional crystals. That seems unbalanced to me.

Yes, large crystal rewards in top SA spots has been a constant in the game... but in general for a vast majority of players SA is nothing but a constant source of frustration. This has been exacerbated recently with the impenetrable nature of the last 3 meta squads.

Is utter and complete domination by one team something we should expect to continue? It seems like you’ve expressed a desire to change that but it has not come to fruition.

It's not a problem to have crystals from other sources, we add crystals all the time. The issue is the major inflow has been squad arena, and it's dependable. And it's not just one group of people, lots of people rely on it.

Singular team domination is absolutely not the intention, but it will take time. We need to message clearly and make changes incrementally. The game has been out for three and a half years, and when we make changes, they're not always well received, so messaging, describing our intent, and slowly moving that way is how we do it. I realize that in being slow, people think that means our intentions change, but sometimes it's easier to show on reflection (basically the introduction of TB/TW represents a year plus path for the gameplay involving social connections and guild play that has been very intentional, but would have sounded crazy/too slow if we tried to describe it up front).

Originally posted by mountaineer30680

Well, you could easily start by just giving out some crystals, even a small amount for top-5, top-10, whatever, in those others. Gradually make the changes to level it out. If you communicate the change and ease folks into it, you'd still lose some players, but that's the case with a) any change, or b) staying the same.

You have to admit people are going to receive this claim from y'all dubiously. Especially since you rushed in a special buff to ensure spenders couldn't be beat by FTP, telling us JKA was WAI, then nerfing him, and all the rest. You have a rather large credibility problem right now saying this, because your most recent actions make it look like all you care about is those who will spend large amounts of cash, including the "tip of the spear" comment...

Oh there are crystals in other modes, but it's about where the majority of the source comes from.

The JKA thing is interesting to me, we described the change that we ultimately ended up rolling out in the second paragraph of that section of the post, but I've seen people say "oh I didn't think the part about GR meant a restriction" and I do understand why that's so - but that's just a misunderstanding, so we'll think about that when we write the next explanation, but we just can't always convey our meaning.

Just like "tip of the spear" is just an expression to describe the people who get there first, and when I use it, I'm including the nearly 1k people who got Malak without ever spending $1 in this game. There are a lot of people who pride themselves on being completely F2P and still at the frontlines, and they are very much included in that sentiment.

When do they post? (GMT +0)
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