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I used to love ships, when I first started this game it was all I cared about. But now it seems like its been forgotten, the meta is stille the same even after two new capital ships was added and tbh its really boring mode now.

So I would sugerest 5 simple things CG could do, that would improve this a lot:

· Give First Order 1-2 new pilot less ships (Tank and Cleanse is needed)

· Give Resistance 2-3 new pilot less ships (Tank is needed)

· Add a Sith Capital ship to the game

· Add a scum and villainy Capital ship (Synergies with BH, Scoundrel and Cargo Shipe)

· The option to preset Ship squads

This is all you need to do CG to make ships great again.

Anyone else have something they wish they would do for ships?

Also if you hate the game mode, thats your right. I dont hate it, and would love for CG to show it some love.

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None of those are simple though, even ship squads are not that easy to setup (I do think they’ll be added eventually though)