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During my attempts at failing t6 with my rebels, I have noticed that the 1xClaim rewards at the bottom are missing. As you can see in the pictures, I have no stars on tier 6 and no 1xClaim rewards available. I have attached a picture of t7 to show the 1x rewards are still there.

First noticed by a shard mate of mine. He is missing Mk2 Circuit Breaker Modules. Should have a total of 57 if you've been able to do every tier and feat so far. He has used 3 6E to 6D upgrades at 10 mats each and had 20 left instead of the anticipated 27.

Just a PSA for those who haven't tried yet, but hopefully I can gain some traction on this.

Tier 6, no 1x Claim rewards despite 0 stars

Unattempted t7 with 1x Claim still remaining

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I saw the post from Doja_Fet on Friday and appreciate not pulling the event down. Thanks for coming back after a couple of days to make sure I was aware of the update. Communication is much appreciated.

Glad to hear it is appreciated, we will continue to do so!

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