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Hello to all. I was doing GA earlier and noticed that the threshold for Kyber in-game is not the same as those published by CG when they announced the changes to GAC. Changes for reference.

TLDR: I need much more for Kyber in-game (30.3k) than according to the forum post (25K) in Div. 9. An alliance member and guild officer of mine both reported to having the Kyber threshold be higher in-game than in the forums. Hope we get answers soon.

I am in Division 9, and you will see the respective thresholds for Bronzium to Kyber, This is the exact same table as seen in the post linked above.


You will notice that I need 25,000 in Div 9 to achieve Kyber. However, in-game says otherwise:


In-game, I need 30,300 for Kyber. You will notice that the thresholds for Bronzium, Chromium, and Aurodium are also greater in-game than those stated in the forums. One of my fellow alliance members in Div. 3 mentioned that he needed 50,500 for Kyber, though only 43,000 is needed per the forum post. A guild officer of mine in Div. 7 added to this, saying he needs 39,600 when the post says he needs only 28,500.

I'm sure this error also applies to everyone else. If this was not an error, CG to my knowledge has not updated us. I hope I and the rest of GoH community will receive answers from the Developers. Thanks for your time.

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Thanks for the report. It looks like the announcement post has the wrong numbers (you can see both the "old" and "new" tables are the same). The in-game numbers appear to be the correct ones.

PS: Forgot to mention that the original post had the correct numbers: Upcoming Grand Arena Championship Division Changes

Edit: Looks like the original post had some different numbers too. Sorry for the confusion!