15 days ago - JackieKo - Direct link

Hi everyone, 

Wanted to give all of you some helpful timeslots that will encourage PvP pops. We'll even be dropping in to check out the queues with all of you during tomorrow's time! 

Thursday, November 17th

  • 1:30pm CT / 7:30pm UTC 

General peak times for Fridays and Saturdays that we suggest utilizing to ensure the highest player population during the testing phases. 

  • 2pm - 6pm CT / 9pm-1am UTC

After you test PvP, please answer the questions listed here to leave your feedback on your experiences. 


14 days ago - JackieKo - Direct link

Follow up on the above post. 

We have had reports of certain instances where players could not queue for Arenas. Remaking the group should fix this issue. If you experience this, please report it here and answer the following questions.

  • How long were you waiting in the queue for?
  • What was your group composition? 
  • Can you confirm if all players who made up this group have PvP-ed in the past? 
14 days ago - JackieKo - Direct link

Hi everyone, 

We are aware that queues were not working as intended. We deployed a quick a fix, and would like you to re-queue. Thank you for your reports! 

14 days ago - JackieKo - Direct link

We are aware of the ongoing issues with group queuing. We're working on a fix and will be taking down PTS shortly. After PTS comes back up, please note the following:

  • Solo queuing should be fixed with this.
  • We're still looking into group queue issues. If groups are experiencing issues with the queues, we recommend re-grouping after every match.

I'll be updating this thread with more info as I get it. 

14 days ago - JackieKo - Direct link

We are bringing PTS back up. 

We believe we have found a fix for group queues as well. Please let us know in the PvP feedback thread if you are still experiencing issues with group queueing. Appreciate your patience and thank you to everyone who hopped onto the test server and tried out PvP with us!