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Star Wars: The Old Republic Recent Updates! 04/12/2023

We will be deploying Game Update 7.4a on December 6th. Please read this forum post in its entirety to know what is included in the update and the general timing of when we anticipate bringing down servers.

Estimated downtime: 2 hours

To close this system alert window, click CLOSE or press the ESC key.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the Best View in SWTOR contest! Out of thousands of entries that were submitted for the Best View in SWTOR contest, ten incredible winners were selected by the development team.

Balmorra: [Nelanther / Darth Malgus]

Belsavis: [Sonicphoto/Satele Shan]

Corellia: [Shorinjin/Satele Shan]

Dantooine: [Dark-Ansewez/Tulak Hord]

Ilum: [Mathieu-R/Star Forge]
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The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally

Date: December 12 - December 19 (BEGINS AND ENDS AT 12:00PM GMT)
Requirement: Level 20+

In the growing shadow of war, swoop fans across the galaxy descend on Dantooine, Tatooine, and even Onderon for the sport’s biggest spectacle—The All Worlds Ultimate Swoop Rally! They’re packing the stands, eager to take their minds off their troubles and cheer their favorite swoop gangs. The bikers are here to take on dangerous challenge courses, show off their piloting skills, and flaunt their souped-up swoop bikes. The thunder of the engines, the deafening applause from the fans, the wind battering their helmets… there’s no bigger rush for these thrill seekers.

Despite their reputation as wild rebels whose makeshift courses disregard local distri...

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With Game Update 7.4, players will experience a never before seen area on Ord Mantell called Kessan’s Landing, obtain new Achievements and Reputation rewards in the Daily Area, take on the FR3-D0M World Boss, and more! Details on what players can expect from this new update are below!

“Chains in the Dark” storyline

Kessan’s Landing is a new Daily Area on Ord Mantell. Players will find that they can complete repeatable missions, and obtain new Achievements and Reputation rewards. There will also be a chain of side missions that will take players all over the galaxy, allowing them to assemble a piece of tech that will be very useful on Kessan’s Landing.

Lane Vizla’s storyline continues on!

Lane ...

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Get your hands on some Cartel Coins and check out new items coming to the Cartel Market!


Many offerings are coming to the Cartel Market with Game Update 7.4. Some of which are the Defiant Maverick Armor set (inspired by Sabine Wren) and the Darth Nul Dualsaber. We will be rolling out the new items on a weekly basis, so be sure to check out the Cartel Market to see what new items are available.

Below is a full list of items coming to the Cartel Market beginning with 7.4 launch!

Darth Nul’s Dualsaber
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5 hours ago, Jdast said:

Forgive me for being blunt...

This is one of the most ill-conceived quests I have ever encountered in any MMORPG. Having thirty people racing to a click a mandatory quest progression item with a lengthy respawn timer is extremely poor game design.

The argument that I should wait until the crowd thins out is inane given how excited many of us were to play the new story, which is now a royal pain in a womp rat's behind. 

Guess I'll wait a week. 😏



Edit: Per Otowi's point, I'll give the Empire a go. I should have specified I was playing Republic. 



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Hi everyone, 

Posted some details about Game Update 7.4a which covers fixes for a lot of the issues being brought up in this thread. Please read the full details here


    JackieKo on Forums - Thread - Direct

Hi everyone, 

Just hopped out of a few meetings and wanted to put together a list of issues we are tracking based on the report we received today following 7.4 going live:


  • Memory leak / Crashes
    • Investigation complete and we know the cause. Fix is highest priority.


  • The "A Helping Hand: Deliver Supplies to Ord Mantell Outposts" mission have very long spawn timers. - FIXED 


  • The search function is missing categories. - FIXED
    •  Additional details- Search categories that do not have a subcateory will be able to be searched with just a category selection.  i.e. Mounts, Pets and Ship Upgrades will now work by selecting their category.


  • ...
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@Melaras @Trebor-droffig

If you have not already, please send in your launch logs to They can usually be found on this path: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\BioWare\Star Wars - The Old Republic Launcher

Please be sure to include your SWTOR account name. 

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1 hour ago, LittleEwina said:

Hey so I'm currently doing the Port Nowhere mission on my lethality operative and I noticed that the Toxic Haze green cloud doesn't appear anymore. My op throw the thing on the ground and there's nothing that visually appear after that. Also lots of clippings in the cinematic when Rikan, his sister are talking with one poor lone mando that just get walked through like he is a ghost.

Update: I can't see any holocom conversation, as in if someone hold the com nothing appear above, and if I answer a call I see no one speaking though I do hear what they say.

Hey there! Can you run the repair tool and see if that fixes your issue? 

    JackieKo on Forums - Thread - Direct
12 minutes ago, chaelinsthighs said:

The new graphics settings look fine solo, but if you're in a group of more than 5 or so people, the game is unplayable. Our guild on Star Forge just tried to do a rampage/world boss run, and it was impossible. The game froze and stuttered non stop, and every single person's game crashed at least 4 times in 15 minutes. I don't think the new graphics settings can handle big groups-- I definitely think thats something yall need to look into ASAP

I forwarded this to the team to look into. Thanks for reporting this. All the details are very helpful! If we need more info, I'll send you a PM. 

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1 hour ago, Trebor-droffig said:

as ALWAYS happens.. my game is not working its hanging up on the first screen (the new one)..every single time their is an update i can't get back into the damn game

Can you please give more details on your experience/what you are seeing? Is the button grayed out? Is the patch showing it's downloading? Are you using the SWTOR launch or using Steam? Is it possible that your AV is blocking the game? It would be helpful to know these types of details. Thanks! 

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59 minutes ago, Ramell said:

Big issue: I can't seem to get the Hyde and Zeek quests for 340 gear components, just the conversation where they tell me to wait for them to have new stuff. I have completed all previous quests on all my level 80 characters.


Others in the game have mentioned the same issue, no H&Z missions on characters that have completed all previous ones.

Team is investigating! Thanks for the report. 


Players in the Asian-Pacific region have a new server to call home. The Shae Vizla APAC server is now open for all players!

This is an exciting opportunity for all players current, returning, and new who reside in the APAC region. Our established players can enjoy the nostalgia of the game, build new communities within APAC, and offer guidance to new players. Those who will be starting their adventure for the first time will have over 12 years of content, stories, and fun to enjoy in their Star Wars™ journey.

We’ll be playing alongside all of our players in celebration of launch. We look forward to seeing everyone on the Shae Vizla server!


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Hello again!

Game Update 7.4 is now live! I will be unlocking this thread, so any reports and/or feedback about the update can be posted here. 

Thanks for your patience! Enjoy the new update :) 

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Good morning, everyone!

I'm going to be using this thread to post updates regarding today's maintenance. We will be taking down servers in approximately 15 minutes to deploy Game Update 7.4. Estimated downtime: 3 hours. 

04 Dec

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Hi all, 

The Double XP event will be running from December 24, 2023 - January 4, 2024. I'll be updating the events calendar with those dates and adding them to the patch notes. OP has been updated with the link to the patch notes as well. 

See you all bright and early tomorrow morning! 


Hello all!

This list will be updated over time, when new items are added, we will update this thread.


  • [NEW] Players who received the incorrectly named Elite Tactician Blaster Pistol will not be able to use it to unlock the Hermit's Vigil in Collections.
    [Heroic 2+] Volcanic Disruption does not grant progress towards"[WEEKLY] Daily Area: Ord Mantell".
  • The "Separatist Elimination Requisition Cache" box drops Conquest Commendations while its tooltip description mentions Tech Fragments.
  • Players might notice that the status sorting functionality is partial when sorting on the GTN between "Purchased" and "Refunded"
  • The players might notice that doing an eligible search on the GTN that returns no results doesn't return a message stating why no results were listed.
  • The "Beast Holding Cell" and "Beast Holding Cell (Teal)" decorations...
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Hello folks! 7.4 is fast approaching and I wanted to touch on some changes we’ve made in the interim between PTS and what you can expect on December 5th.

  • Seller Input
    • Instead of putting in the unit price and having the game calculate for you the buyer’s price, which was an adjustment from the way it currently works in the live game, we’ve changed it back to letting the seller enter the buyer’s price. This is closer to how it works in live currently and should ideally make it easier for sellers to input a price that is competitive with other listings.
    • We still show you the unit price you will receive as the seller and calculate the total expected profit, taking into account any fees.
    • The Buyout Limit is still equal to the new 3B Seller’s Unit Price + Buyer’s Fee. (Total Limit = 3,447,780,000)
  • Claim slots ...
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Star Wars: The Old Republic Recent Updates! 14/08/2023

We will be bringing down the servers on December 5th 7am CT / 1pm UTC deploy Game Update 7.4.

Estimated downtime: 3 hours

Patch notes will be available on Monday,

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