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On 9/4/2023 at 2:57 PM, Darves said:

In earlier seasons, if you had the right companion active, you got 3 reputation tokens when you completed a flashpoint, and 12 tokens when you completed story mode operations. Now you don't get anything so if you can actually get reputation tokens now it's not the same way as in previous seasons


I wanted to touch base on how drops for these types of seasonal reputation currency items work in our game currently. Since Season 2 each season has had one of these, and we did change some things in Season 3 to allow past season currencies to be gathered after the season is completed.

If the season is active, group content such as Flashpoints and Operations drop the associated currency as long as you haven’t maxed out the reputation. However, after the season is no longer active, the currency stops being dropped in that content. You can still get currency for that season by having the associated companion with you and not being maxed on the reputation when killing enemies on planets and daily areas.

For Galactic Seasons 5, which does not have a companion, you will still be able to drop the currency after the season in planets and daily areas if you have no companion out and are not maxed on the reputation track. For the remaining duration of season 5 the new Dark Spores currency will drop in group content.

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