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Hey folks,

One thing we have seen a little bit of confusion around is what difficulty modes exist on PTS and will be available for Shrine of Silence when 7.3 goes live. Since our naming conventions can be a little confusing sometimes let me reiterate what they are, and what they mean.

  • Solo-Story: A solo-only mode where the player is often accompanied by characters relevant to the story and sees cutscenes throughout the Flashpoint. These are usually required parts of the main story in the game.
  • Story - Easiest difficulty, meant to be completed solo.
  • Veteran - Middle difficulty, meant to be completed with a group of any composition.
  • Master - Hardest difficulty, meant to be completed with a coordinated group, built around the trinity (healer, tank, and DPS).

With that in mind, a reminder. Shrine of Silence marks a shift in our philosophy around how and where we will deliver crit path storylines and our intent for Flashpoints (to be a place for engaging, repeatable content). Shrine of Silence has narrative relevance to Voss and the events happening around 7.3. However, it is not directly a part of the crit path like you have seen in our Flashpoints in the last few years.

For that reason, there is no Solo-Story version of Shrine of Silence. The only cutscenes for the Flashpoint is a single wrapper mission (which is a KOTOR-style scene) that you can get before you go into the Flashpoint (this was not available on PTS).

TLDR - Shrine of Silence will launch with Story, Veteran, and Master, as you have seen on PTS.


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