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On 11/9/2022 at 9:56 PM, Bob_Americanu said:

Are the old rewards (aka Replica from Giradda) going to be available from the vendor in 7.2?

Couldn't find an answer on the livestream maybe I missed it or someone knows.

I really want to grind for the furious saber and I am in the process of getting tokens. I wouldn't mind losing them so long as I can still get it in 7.2. 

Hey there,

It looks it was answered elsewhere in the thread but I want to make sure to get yellow text on this. When 7.2 goes live all Ranked PvP Tokens are going away so please be sure to spend them ASAP.

The items that players could purchase with those tokens will be moved to the new PVP vendors where they will be purchasable with the new PvP seasonal currency. While these items will be available on the vendor, they will not be easy to obtain. The rate that players will be earning the new PvP currency will only allow them to purchase either new items or one to two replicas. Keep in mind that players can only earn a fixed amount of tokens per season and there will be new rewards added to that vendor with every new season as well.  Essentially, if a player who was not previously engaged in Ranked play focused all of their efforts into obtaining these replicas and none of the new items, it would take a really long time to do so.


In short, players will not be able to buy everything quickly. If you don't have the old rewards, you will need to decide if you want to spend your tokens on older items or the newer ones.