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Hey Community!

I�m back to talk about the changes to gearing and progression players can expect with the 7.1 Update. We�ve already posted about the gear for the upcoming Operation: The R4 Anomaly, so this post will hit on the rest of the changes!

New Operation: The R4 Anomaly
We�ve previously outlined how gearing will work for R4 Anomaly, but let�s talk about vanity gear! The token exchange vendors for Story and Veteran will offer dyeable versions of the R4 Anomaly gear in two color variations, along with special versions of the gear with special VFX.

The story token exchange will trade tokens for the Hazardous Delver, Virulent Delver, Hazardous Excavator, and Virulent Excavator sets.

The veteran token exchange will trade tokens for Hazardous Explorer, Virulent Explorer, Hazardous Pathfinder, Virulent Pathfinder, Hazardous Expert, Virulent Expert, Hazardous Professional, and Virulent Professional sets.

Stat Distribution Changes
We�re further adjusting the stat distribution of Premium and Prototype gear, with the intent of making players feel stronger in this gear. These changes will apply to Premium and Prototype gear at Item Rating 328 and higher.

We�ll also be adjusting the stat distribution of Artifact gear for tanks. Tanks will see higher values for Endurance on gear.

Increasing the Power Ceiling
With 7.1 we�ll be implementing our first power increase, allowing players to obtain even stronger gear. Here are the new maximum item ratings players can obtain:
  • Noble Decurion Gear � 330 (up from 326)
  • Elite Decurion Gear � 330 (up from 324)
  • Supreme Decurion Gear � 330 (up from 326)
  • Tionese Gear � 330 (up from 322)
  • Columi Gear � 330 (up from 326)
  • Thyrsian Gear � 328 (up from 326)
  • Legendary Implants � 334 (up from 330)

Moddable Gear
7.1 will include mods available at Item Ratings 328 and 330! To begin the process of unlocking the new mods, players should seek out Hyde and Zeek near the modification vendors in the Supplies section of the Fleet. Hyde and Zeek will require players to obtain and deconstruct items at Item Rating 328 and 330 to unlock purchasable mods at those Item Ratings respectively. Combined with Power Ceiling Increase, all players will have a chance to earn this moddable gear! Missions will be offered for Prototype and Artifact gear separately, so gather the best gear to unlock the best mods!

Reducing the Cost of Legendary Implants for Alts
We�ve developed a system for players to earn Legendary Implants easier for additional characters. 7.1 will include new Legacy of the Sith Achievements for upgrading two Legendary Implants up to Item Rating 330 and Item Rating 334. Once you have obtained this achievement, SN-4RK will reduce the cost of lower Item Rating Implants and Implant Upgrades for reduced Conquest Commendations (60, down from 100) and Tech Fragments (2500, down from 6500).

Planetary Vanity Gear
The addition of Combat Styles brought along changes to the gear players earn while leveling. With 7.1 we are adding vanity versions of the leveling gear to Planetary Vendors so players can pick and choose the looks for themselves and their companions, regardless of Origin Story or Combat Style.

Dyeable Versions of Thyrsian Gear
PvP players will notice Thyrsian Fitted Gear available for sale from the PvP Gear Vendor on the Fleet which have unlocked dye and modification slots. These items can be purchased using WZ-1 Accelerants and credits.

We hope you enjoy these updates and look forward to your feedback. See you on the Fleet!