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17 hours ago, davensuitelife said:

For the love of GOD tell me there is some type of change coming to matchmaking settings? I don't care to be put on the same team 3-4 games in a row with the healer who can't bust 300 hps. 


Like once in a while getting the new/alt charger you aren't familiar with I get it, but almost every game for an hour is absolute trash. I know that they wanna get rid of scoreboards but the fact remains we'll all still be able to tell the weakest link on the team. Stop punishing above average and good players by saddening them to carry every game it's not fun for anyone...sorry for the rank but I don't feel like having to pack an extra large backpack every time I log in! 

Hey there,

Totally hear you. We didn’t get into it on the livestream cause it gets a bit in the weeds but yes, we have made a variety of matchmaking improvements in 7.2 alongside the PvP Revamp. Now, I am not going to get into the super details as we want to be cautious of people trying to manipulate matchmaking but I can call out a few broad strokes. Before I do one important note, NONE of these are absolutes. Getting you into a match in a timely manner is still the #1 priority so although matchmaking takes all of this into consideration, we will break these rules over time to get you into a match.


  • We will try to match up players by their group sizes. We want to encourage matches of premades vs premades, etc.
  • We are limiting role quantities per teams. No more than 2 healers or 2 tanks per team in a Warzone
  • You always have a hidden MMR (rough skill ranking) that we use to match you against other players.

As for having the team in your backpack. One thing to keep in mind is that with the PvP Revamp that although progression is rewarded based on winning and losing, it is also based on medals earned. If you are performing very well, you should be earning medals for that performance which will translate into greater seasonal progression than someone not performing as well.