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Hey everyone!

In honor of our upcoming 10-year anniversary, today we announced an exciting contest and we would love to see all of you participate in it. For the next two weeks players will be able to submit screenshots of ten specific planets and one submission per planet will then get turned into an in-game Stronghold portrait decoration that'll be available on the 10-year anniversary vendor. The people that submitted the chosen screenshots will also receive something special - a gilded version of the decoration that their screenshot was turned into, which only they will receive.

A full breakdown on the submission criteria can be found in this article.

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Happy to answer questions! Neither your own character or other player characters can be within the screenshot.

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Hey everyone!

There were a handful of good questions asked in this thread and it took some time to gather the proper responses.

Why can't players from certain countries take part in the contest?

Unfortunately, currently the contest is only open to those listed in the contest guidelines. However, we are looking into how we can expand into more countries in the future. Note that this is subject to local laws and regulations.

Can screenshots be taken from within strongholds, flashpoints, etc?

Strongholds, Flashpoints, and other instances that take place on the listed planets are acceptable. The same listed rules apply to these areas as screenshots taken in the open-world version of the planets.

For players with higher native resolutions than 1920x1080, how should they submit their images?

We are clarifying the guidelines to be "1920x1080 or higher resolution". As long as the submitted screenshots are 1920x1080 or above, that is acceptable on our end. Reminder, we will be editing the chosen submissions to a 4:3 ratio to best fit our Stronghold decoration template.

Can I take screenshots from out-of-bounds?

Even if a player is able to get into an out-of-bounds area by purely in-game means, we feel like that is not in the spirit of the competition as it is clearly not intended for players to be there. Screenshots taken in such a manner would be subject to disqualification.