4 days ago - JackieKo - Direct link
Hi everyone,

I have an update concerning the notable change that many of you noticed with Kai Zykken. This was a change that was planned for 7.0, however, it went out earlier than expected. Please note that Kai Zykken will remain as is until 7.0.

When Legacy of the Sith launches, Kai will offer the following:
  • A rotating collection of Tacticals
  • A rotating collection of crafting Schematics for Tacticals and Set Bonuses
  • A new Unidentified crate that will give players a piece of Set Bonus gear from the Spoils of War expansion. This will be similar to the current Unidentified Unique Item crate but we will be removing the Tacticals since they can be purchased via other means and renaming the crate to better reflect its content.

Apologies for the confusion on the update to Kai's inventory.
3 days ago - JackieKo - Direct link
Hey Nee-Elder,

Without going into details, it was more that this was tied to 7.0's original roll out plan. Additionally, a hotfix is not easily implemented at this time. ​