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Hello folks!

Nar Nightlife is back tomorrow! This time around we made some adjustments to how the machines work and how the Lucky and Good Karma buffs affect your plays. Previously, players could get in a loop where they spend chips only to be rewarded more chips and it resulted in longer play sessions of just spinning machines. Our goal with the below changes is to improve the Nar Nightlife experience by reducing the amount of time it takes to play and win prizes with the slot machines.

  • Previously Lucky and Good Karma were awarded alongside winning some Chips, however they will now be rewarded sometimes with what was originally considered a loss. This will make the buffs a little bit rarer.
  • Any Win or Jackpot on Kingpin’s Bounty or Emperor’s Grace will remove Lucky and Good Karma.
  • Lucky and Good Karma will increase your odds of winning on Kingpin’s Bounty. Good Karma will increase your odds even further than Lucky.
  • Lucky and Good Karma can stack on Emperor’s Grace Slot Machines to increase the chance of winning all the way to 100%.
  • It’s now possible to lose on the Emperor’s Grace machine, however the Max Bet cannot lose. Max Bet instead increases the chance of a Jackpot win (any non-certificate drop) with the buffs.
  • Kingpin’s Bounty and Smuggler’s Luck Max Bet machines have much lower loss rates than previous years, the Emperor’s Grace Max Bet still has no chance of losing, and all machines are less likely to reward more chips.
  • Chip wins from machines are now variable, and may be the following:
    • Smuggler’s Luck = 1 Smuggler’s Luck Chip or 1 Kingpin’s Bounty Chip.
    • Smuggler’s Luck Max Bet = 5 - 15 Smuggler’s Luck Chips or 1 - 2 Kingpin’s Bounty Chips.
    • Kingpin’s Bounty = 1 Kingpin’s Bounty Chip or 1 Emperor’s Grace Chip.
    • Kingpin’s Bounty Max Bet = 5 - 10 Kingpin’s Bounty Chips or 1 - 2 Emperor’s Grace Chips.
    • Emperor’s Grace and Emperor’s Grace Max Bet no longer will award Chips of any kind.
  • Lucky will increase your odds of winning on Smuggler’s Luck machines like normal.

Some other broad changes we’ve made to the event:

  • We’ve added some Conquest objectives related to the event.
  • New Achievements have been added to previously released item drops.
  • The Shady Gambler and Double Agent dyes have been added to the Golden Certificate vendor. These were originally Cartel Market dyes that had previously been retired.

Thank you for taking the time to read these changes, we have a lot of future plans for this event in the longer term future so stay tuned for updates.

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Hey folks!

Just wanted to let y’all know we’re reading the feedback. I wanted to go into a little bit into why the previously mentioned adjustments were made and add clarification to a couple of prominent points we’re seeing in the thread.

Legacy Currency instead of Character

This is something we talk about internally quite a bit. We want to make changes to the way these currencies work and making them legacy based instead of character based is one of the proposed changes. While this is not a change that is happening in this year's event, I did want to acknowledge that there is a desire to make an adjustment here, but there are also some logistical challenges to this kind of change that require a heavy lift.

Less Chip Rewards and Odds

Previously, the way chip rewards worked was that most plays just gave you back the chip you spent or gave you many of a lower tiered one. In most cases, these were “slow losses”. This is not an ideal workflow. With the new adjustments, the revamped odds give you a higher chance at winning an actual prize or just removing the chip, meaning you should come out with more rewards for less time investment at a cost of less chips won.

We’ll be monitoring this change especially since it could reduce engagement with the machines. The intent behind the change was to increase reward output and decrease time spent. If we find over time that it does not remain engaging, then we’ll certainly adjust in the future.

Please keep in mind the Lucky and Karma buffs are more important than before for Emperor’s Grace pulls. If you’re planning on doing an Emperor’s Grace pull I would recommend getting at least one of the buffs but preferably both regardless of which Emperor’s Grace machine you intend to play to give you the best shot at a Jackpot.

Credit Economy

As the economy continues to stabilize, we intend to adjust the cost of the chips accordingly. So this is definitely something we will tune over time.

I really do appreciate your feedback and we’ll be incorporating it in future iterations of the event. 

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