11 days ago - EricMusco - Direct link
Hey there,

As we are in progress of planning for future updates, I noted in this other thread here that we are seeking feedback on outliers in Flashpoints. In the other thread I spoke mostly about length or difficulty but you raise another valid concern here as well. Story Flashpoints without an explicit Story // Solo mode and the problems that presents in other difficulties. The tension of the "PLEASE SKIP CUTSCENES" for newer players, etc.

As I did in the other thread please pass on any Flashpoints where you see issues like this! On top of making note of specific Flashpoints, let us know what your core issue is as well as the ideal solve that would course correct that issue for you. This is not a guarantee that we can revamp a FP exactly to your resolution, but this helps us understand where the pain points are and how to focus on improving them.