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I'm Plat III and no one ever goes for tear first item, and neither is Brand contested for that matter... So I can basically force him every game. I find the comp really fun but haven't really been able to get top placement, only top 4/top 3. Does anyone have any experience with it at higher ELO? Is the 3 Cavs variant better or is it 4 spellweaver? What would you say is the core? I usually slow roll at 6 so I can 3 star Brand, Sej, Hec, Thresh and Naut, then I put in a spellweaver (Zyra/Vel'Koz) and at 7 put in Rell.

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It's awful. Don't ever buy them. I'd appreciate less people contesting me. (Please ignore the 1st and 2nd where I hit Brand...unreleated I swear.) https://lolchess.gg/profile/na/riotmortdog