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Hi, I'm on mobile this morning and rolled down to the pity timer on this new "treasure realms" thing, and it opened the Mecha Prime Zero arena skin...

It is not in my inventory, i cannot equip it and the pity timer has reset to 60. I have tried the obvious; restarting the app, logging out and back in.

I also tried to submit a ticket but it got immediately solved with a bot telling me to submit it via the riot launcher... which I do not have access to atm.

I just want to send my proof to riot and get it solved, not sure why submitting a ticket cant be done on their website...?

Edit. The new treasure realms store is missing from my mobile app now. I have the new boom and other new arenas but not the mecha prime zero still.

Edit 2. It's updated now and I was able to equip it after resetting the glitched shop (with millions of unspendable currency). All seems fixed on my side now.

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Hey friend! TFT Dev here to help.
Which region are you on?

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Originally posted by TheSwine-

Hi, thanks for the response!

I'm in NA, and it seems to be fixed now after they re-released the shop.

Yay! That's what I was going to say as well. If you're in NA, then you should have gotten it since we just enabled & fixed it :) Thanks for being patient!

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Originally posted by adckr9

It was supposed to be out by now already, Riot Prism confirmed on Twitter.

I'm guessing they first rolled it out on mobile first because rolling it out at once is challenging to the system. Or because virtually any change they introduce to the story fails and needs a hotfix (Lux's chalices is a recent example much like the current case).

Hey there, TFT Dev FireNRain here.

We're releasing it region by region as Riot Prism said, even for mobile (enabling it). It's a best practice for a safer/stabler roll out method for feature launches.

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Originally posted by OygenValue

Does anyone know if treasure realm pity stuff carries over from mobile to desktop and vice versa?


Hey there, TFT Dev here!

The pity counter is based on your account, not platform, so you should have the same counter on both platforms :)

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