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I know a lot of people will choose Switch as the option to play Temtem in the palm of their hands, but I was wondering if the game will also be Steam Deck compatible.

With other companies showing their games running on Steam Deck:



I think it would be really cool for Crema to get on the boat and do the same, maybe it would even serve as extra marketing as it would get some people's attention.

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Unfortunately, we haven't received a Steam Deck devkit yet, but we will do everything we can to fully support it and it should mostly work as it is right now.

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Shouldn't it just work out of the box? Temtem already has controller support, and end of the day the steam deck is just a linux based pc with an integrated controller with the possibility to emulate a mouse, using touch.

It should, yes. But we haven't really tested Temtem on Linux although users report that it works OK: https://www.protondb.com/app/745920