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Hello Tamers! In case you hadn't heard on our Twitter, Damián Sánchez, the music composer of the Temtem team, dropped by r/IAmA today, 8:30 am UTC / 11:30 pm PST, to answer as many questions as he could: https://twitter.com/_damiansanchez/status/1366345658714701826

You can read it all here!

I will cross-post the AMA here once it's live, but remember to head over to the r/IAmA subreddit to drop your questions if you want them to be considered. Upvoting those questions that seem interesting to you is also good practice, as time is limited. Please try to focus on asking Damián things about his work or interests, and be respectful. Questions about future updates or platform launches are not in the realm of what can be answered here.

I hope you enjoyed it and found it fun and interesting! If this turns out well we can definitely do more AMAs in the future 😁

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Originally posted by Malleus94

Ask him: why violins?

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Originally posted by TheRealThinShadowy

We all know what everyone is gonna ask him

you mean that thing that none of us know for sure yet? hehe

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