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I'm going to start this by saying I actually own this on PC already but I bought it again just for Switch to start over because I loved this game during Early Access and all that it was trying to do. I heard a long time ago that it would be coming to Switch and was positive I'd buy it there too.

I bought it recently after a quick reddit post asking about performance. Most said it was choppy but didn't detract from the game.

After maybe 15-20 hours in (I actually have no idea lol), there is definitely a list of things that need patching on the Switch that would improve the overall experience and ease frustrations of users that own this amazing game on this console.

It would be amazing if Crema could actually speak to these issues and answer this thread but maybe that's wishful thinking.

My list will only be for the ones I have experienced and I may even forget some. If anyone reads this and has issues I didn't put down, please comment.

  1. Random crashes when entering and finishing battles (I think I had one outside of battle too, but can't remember)

  2. Every time a Tem evolves, the screen goes black and you are forced to play the battle blind the rest of the time. It goes back to normal after the battle concludes.

  3. Performance issues in towns with low frame rates (not sure this is fixable but maybe some changes can be made to alleviate it a little)

  4. Random graphical glitches such as Tem portraits turning to a white box (which I think actually led to a crash right after)

  5. Black screen before battles - submitted by /u/M00nguy99

  6. When using healing items in quick succession before the pop up goes away, the visual cue that the Tem was healed doesn't occur. Closing the menu and previewing the Tem shows them healed

  7. Battle commands simply not working, where I go to target a monster to attack and nothing happens, and I'm forced to reboot the game - submitted by /u/trickybeanz

Thats all I can think of right now. Again, if Switch owners have more, please comment. These should be patched or at least currently being worked on.

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about 1 year ago - /u/ItsTsukki - Direct link

We're investigating everything! Like I think I've mentioned in a couple of other posts, the amount of people requesting an answer from us these days is simply not manageable, but we do update everyone on our Twitter from time to time, and every other day on our Discord announcements channel. If you could report them in our forums, the QA teams check those on the daily and update the label when it's being investigated, or when it's fixed for the next patch. We won't leave any bug waltzing around our game, and we're not ignoring/not addressing you, we're just 1 CM, 3 programmers, and 5 QA testers doing our best here.

Lastly, do be aware that publishing a patch can take up to 5 days because we have to get them approved by the platform holders. So even if our patch is ready to send now, we won't be able to until it's been greenlighted.

about 1 year ago - /u/ItsTsukki - Direct link

Originally posted by WNxTyr4el

Your response is appreciated! If this came off as an attack, I apologize. That was not my intention. This is the only forum type platform I frequent so it was the only place that seemed reasonable to post to.

Your game is amazing and knowing that you're listening and taking feedback and working on fixes is admirable.

Thank you again for responding and I'm sure all of us look forward to the fixes!

No worries! Not received as an attack at all :) just clarifying. I know it's hard to get the info out there to everyone, and new players unfamiliar with Crema can reasonably wonder if we're aware of stuff!

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