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I’m genuinely annoyed by how counterintuitive it is.

I purchased the game including plus on my PS5, my wife family shares the same account. We realised this wasn’t possible with the stupid Plus restriction, but as Tem-Tem Plus enables cross progression then we may as well just rebuy it for another console.

So my wife re-buys the game and plus on the Switch. She tries linking her Switch account to her PS5….

…but wait! You can’t, because that would require another Tem-Tem plus purchase on both consoles to be able to link them. Like-wise I would need to buy Tem-Tem Plus on the Switch, in order for me to play my PS5 save progress on Switch.

£80 later and I’m annoyed but how stupid this cross progression system is. I’d need to spend an extra £32 (£16 on Plus for Switch and PS5) to play, totalling £112 for playing two copies across two consoles.

Now to add more fuel to the fire, on Switch it requires Nintendo Online, but on PS4/5 it doesn’t (not sure about Xbox.

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Originally posted by bokebon

I'm confused. Temtem plus is just an add on that allows you to make a secondary account on the same console lift the trade-ban restrictions.

Like, I have 2 PSN accounts on my PS5, and can play a 2nd account of temtem for free except I can't trade. If I buy temtem plus, I'll then be able to.

I disagree with the sentiment on the original post, but Temtem Plus is factually required for cross-progression. It's required for all of the online features (trading, chat, cross-pro, etc), which is where secondary, game-shared accounts were being an issue.

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I hate to break it to you but it really isn't. Temtem Plus only exists for secondary accounts to be able to trade. Cross-progression and Crossplay are completely free and anyone can do it, example PC to Switch, PS5 to Xbox Series X, etc etc.

Crossplay and cross-progression are free, it's true, but cross-progression is restricted to family-shared accounts, and it does require Temtem Plus. Otherwise someone could simply cross-progress their game-shared account to an account that had purchased the game, access full permissions, and cause trouble 'cause it's a free account and they can create as many as they need to.

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That’s not abusing, that’s literally what family sharing is on any game. Tem-Tem is the only game that has restrictions. You can still play the game on multiple accounts, so what good does it do by limiting trade, chat & cross progression.

I really think you should look into family sharing, it’s possible on every game for PS5/Xbox/Switch.

This is just greed, as even if I own an account with Tem-Tem plus, I need to buy Tem-Tem Plus on an account that doesn’t.

What about people who buy physical games second hand or share a copy between family?

Are you telling me that second hand games should be punished & that it’s normal for people to buy multiple physical copies of games, therefore this is being ‘nice’ by ‘saving’ money.

It's not greed, it was a method we needed to implement to prevent people from creating 200 free accounts and take up server space, evade chat moderation, cause mayhem, etc. When you have to pay for your copy it's way less likely that you're creating an account to troll.

This is an online game, and copies are associated to accounts, so this isn't the kind of game you usually lend.

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Originally posted by Imaginary-Redditor

It’s funny how the likes of ESO and FF14 don’t have these issues despite being shareable eh

What about f2p online games? They also don’t appear to have any issues

It’s greed and unnecessary restrictions to both family sharing and the main issue - crossplay

You’re comparing huge companies with immense server space and team size with a 26-people indie studio. You can have your opinion. I, too, have mine.

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Hey Tsukki, is there anything you can do about the post of all the people dragging YaW through the dirt over his comments on dyes that got taken out of context? They're being way too toxic and it's pretty disgusting that they think they can talk about him like he isn't human.

I got our mods on the issue, thanks for the heads up