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Greetings Terrarians!

As you may know Terraria Journey's End has finally reached out Nintendo Switch and world generation has changed too. I have been looking for help to finding a perfect world generation seed since i would like to start a new map with Master mode. But couldn't find anything or world version could probably not match with current Nintendo Switch version and it may ruin it completely. So maybe by any chance someone knows or has something good to offer?

My recommendations would be

World: large

Evil: doesn't matter but it has to be only on one side of the map, not near spawn or have a distance from ruining other biomes ( snow ) ( jungle ) or ( desert )

I know it may sound a lot, but i hope there is a fellow ( Nintendo Switch ) Terrarian who could maybe help me out or could share world seed like the one im looking for...

Thank you

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12 days ago - /u/Redigit - Direct link

May not meet your criteria, but 5162020 might be fun if you don’t know about it.