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The only thing that the expertise and the shd clock cause is to drive away the players who want to give pvp a chance, when will they remove these mechanics? the pvp is dead thanks to them, in conflict and in the dark zones they have to remove the perk and the shd clock as soon as possible, I've been playing since the division 1 beta and I can assure you that currently having those things in pvp is the only thing What causes is a brutal difference between players, also when they will remove the pairing between lvl 30 and lvl 40 in conflict? this makes the game pay to win, remove conflict from lvl 30 or split the pairings, greetings

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Hello @robincitin23 thank you for your sharing your thoughts and feelings on this topic.

I will move this thread to our player General Discussion section of the forum as a feedback and suggestion topic.

If you have any more feedback about the game, please make sure to post this in our General Discussion area of the forum to discuss this further with other players. The Player Support section is used for bug reporting and technical issues, thanks again.