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I just want to post with an issue I just encountered with Elgato Wave Link v1.5.0.2889 while using the nvidia_afx_sdk_win_v1.1.0.5_ampere "RTX Voice". I just upgraded my webcam to the Elgato FaceCAM, upgraded my Blue Snowball Ice to a Elgato Wave XLR plugged into a FDUCE SL-40 microphone. I was excited to be able to get rid of Nvidia Broadcast since the new hardware had updates to enable it in the Wave Link and Camera Hub. Let me get to the issue. When I install the RTX Voice file (nvidia_afx_sdk_win_v1.1.0.5_ampere), I get severe audio corruption when I start The Division 2. It only happens in the game; it works everywhere else without issue. I got so determined to find out the cause I clean installed Windows 11 and started running The Division 2 until the audio issue returned, which it did as soon as I installed nvidia_afx_sdk_win_v1.1.0.5_ampere file. While this file is installed the audio cuts out, pops, distorts, etc. Right now, I have gone back to using the Nvidia Broadcast software, as the RTX Voice works with it without the above issue.

TLDR: nvidia_afx_sdk_win_v1.1.0.5_ampere.exe causes major audio issues in The Division 2!

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Hey @DizConnected ,

Thanks for reaching out to us and reporting this!

So we can better understand the game's behaviour, could you please capture and share a clip?

We can then share this with the team for investigation.

Much appreciated!

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