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The game was running in the background, and I purchased through steam, while my Ubisoft Connect overlay was disabled. (I suspect this is why it went wrong.)
Alt-tabbed back into the game - and nothing happened.
Restarted the game, now with the Ubisoft Connect overlay active (to get the in-game store to work).
The One-time offer is listed (in game) as not purchased. If I hit "buy" it says "thank you for your purchase", but i still don't recieve any credits when backing out of the store.

If I could, I would have just refunded the purchase through steam to try again - but it's listed as non-refundable.

Help me, Ubi-wan. You're my only hope.

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Hi there @Southgrove, sorry for the late reply! I would like to look into this further and help if I can.

Since 48 hours have already passed, it is unlikely that your purchase is simply delayed at this point. To cover all of our bases please tackle the steps in this FAQ article first and if your purchase is still missing after they have been completed, we are more than happy to take a closer look. For purchasing difficulties such as this, we will need to proceed through private channels for account security reasons. To do so, please log in to our website and create a new support case so that we can follow up with you directly.

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