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Returning player. Hadn't played since some time last year. Fired it back up again a couple of days ago. Ran into the following issue:

75% of the time when I launch the game, from the initial countdown page and through the splash videos, right up to and into the agent select screen, the game runs at about 5 FPS. 25% of the time when I launch the game, I get no issues whatsoever.

I'm running a Ryzen 7 3700X OC'd to ~4.3GHz, 32GBs DDR4 RAM @3600, an EVGA XC GAMING 2080 Super, game running from a Samsung 980 Pro M.2 on a PCIe x4 bus, latest updates for all software components. I'm running the game in 4k @120HZ. When it starts without issues, it runs like a dream.

I've tried killing all background processes (that I can), killed the Ubisoft overlay, played with various graphics settings; nothing seems to make a difference. When this occurs, my resource utilization is minimal. Temps are nominal. Hardware seems to be running fine. I cannot find the root cause, and it's driving me mad.

Has anyone run into similar issues, and found a fix? I've Googled it some, but the nature of the issue is such that even carefully tailored search syntax returns generic results about buying a better GFX card, and updating your drivers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hey @NecroFox4!

I'm really sorry to hear about this! (And apologies for the delay!) That's certainly odd that it's happening most of the time but not all the time. 🤔

I know you went through several of these steps but if you don't mind, please take a look at this general troubleshooting article and try anything you haven't tried yet!

I'm also curious to know if launching both the game and Ubisoft Connect as admin has any impact on this, even if it just increases the chance of launching normally. And since you mentioned you're overclocking, could you also test without overclocking to see if there's any change that way?