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In DZ servers bullet reg have error, i shoot players with fullred dps build with fal and lott of bullet not reg. Fix finaly this day one broken game we pay you and you sell us broken product. Dont tell me to check my connection because tehnician from my internet provider check it and tell me error is on your server. I have stable and fast internet with no error. Fix that game finaly or close all server and tell players you cant fix it.We have problems with cheaters and with your broken game.Please fix this bullet registration in DZ servers and disable conection to players who use vpn. In some others online game they cant use vpn

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@s-Skins-s Hello! I'm sorry that you are experiencing an issue with the bullet registration on the DZ servers. Would you be able to provide a video showing this issue so that we can take a closer look at what is going on? Once you have a video, please upload it to a website (YouTube, Google Drive, Twitter) and share the link with us here.

Thank you!