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Ok 12 years being a Ubisoft Customer and I'm getting VERY Upset with Division 2

The Division took 3 years to fix (Well 90%)

Division 2 is now at 5 years and on my PC version it Maxes out my CPU Core 1 and even after shutting the game off still Maxes out my CPU
Now this problem is on both PC and Xbox X version = Trying to do the last man hunt and NPC from every direction is coming in and not to mention the darn DELTA's I keep getting and Oh and how about my turret shooting at GOD, NPC are invisible shooting and can shoot though walls
Also bomber have a better curve ball than any Pro Baseball Pitcher

I can't remember which Assassin's Creed it was, But was released very Buggy and that Team made it Right by adding Add-ons to members account and a Game to Say Sorry

Massive has done Nothing (Sorry Very Upset)
The problems I posted above is just a little of the problems with Division 2

I would really like to buy Skulls n' Bones, But I'm afraid it will be like The Division (90% fixed), Division 2 (75% fixed), Breakpoint (90% fixed) problems

Sorry for Ranting, But like I said Assassin's Creed made the issues Right and because of that I stick with Assassin's Creed = Massive\ Division 2 hasn't

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@killerjames425 Hi there! I'm sorry to hear about your experience with The Division 2. I can't comment on any potential compensation as this is up to the development team, but I'm happy to help investigate the issues you've mentioned and make sure they've been properly reported.

For the performance issues on PC, some players have reported similar issues and this has been passed on to the team. In the meantime, I recommend running through these steps to help mitigate the issue.

For the manhunt - is this happening after you complete the mission?

For DELTA errors, I recommend completing some connectivity troubleshooting to help determine the cause of this.

For the turret and NPC issues, do you have any videos that illustrate these issues? Do they occur in any particular areas or missions?