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When I closed Division 2, Ubisoft Connect is still showing me the 'Play' button as dimmed as well. This issue happened ever since the Golden Bullet event started.

I realised that 1 specific CPU core will be ramped up to 100% utilisation and it will never go down after around 10 minutes of gaming. I tried force closing all the processes related to Ubisoft Connect in Task Manager but the CPU utilisation will still be stuck at 100%.

The only way to stop the utilisation from staying at 100% was to restart my PC. After restart everything will be back to normal but once I start Division 2 again, after around 10 minutes the same issue will happen again to the exact same CPU core ramping to 100% utilisation.

Below are the list of troubleshooting steps that I have taken:

  • Updating CPU driver
  • Doing clean installation of GPU drivers using DDU
  • Updating Windows
  • Reinstalling Ubisoft Connect and Division 2

Another thing that I noticed was the small window which should display a message saying that 'it is synchronising the achievements with the cloud' is not appearing after Division 2 was closed, which I assumed was causing the 'Play' button to be dimmed and my CPU ramping up to 100% utilisation. The CPU utilisation only drops after around 20 minutes from the time I have already closed Division 2. (Previously I didn't wait and observe if the CPU utilisation will drop after a period of time.)

EDIT 1: The process which is causing the CPU utilisation to go to 100% is 'ntoskrnl.exe'

EDIT 2: The CPU utilisation only drops after roughly 20 to 30 minutes from the time it ramped up and the 'Play' button in the launcher is clickable again

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@H3llBoy-26 Hello! I'm sorry to hear about the issues you're having with The Division 2.

Do you notice if the CPU utilization stays at 100% if you try disabling the Ubisoft Connect overlay? Are you overclocking your CPU?

Also, have you tried any of the other steps from this FAQ?

Thank you!

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