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so first things first - thank you for the compensation!

After the update today, i noticed that the gloves are gone from the expertise system and we only need now 343 items.
But i had already my expertise-lvl on 20 (with 2 classes on expert) and also one weapon already upgraded to 20!
With the loss of these gloves i got rolled back again to 19,9 and lost again 10 exo-materials from the weapon.

The last rollback was also a bad taste - i got rolled back to 14,9 with 2 weapons already upgraded to 15 (lost 10 exo-materials)! Why there was no "softcap" to prevent those things.
It wont be much of a difference between 14,9 and 15 for the game - but for me it was because of the exo-materials loss.

And now i lost again materials. Why?

Thanks for reading.

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Hey @palamaladia ,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you and to see you've lost some materials!

Is this still the case?

And have you already tried verifying the game's files?