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I have killed more than one rogue agent in every Dark Zone and the trophy did not unlock. I have reported that and was told that entering safehouse in each Dark Zone would unlock it - I have entered all 3 safehouses and it didn't work. I have then killed 1 rogue agent in every dark zone again and again it did not unlock. Are you able to reset my rogue agent kills on server, perhaps the game has saved the information that I got the trophy already even though I didn't? Could changing consoles have caused the issue? I have got most of the trophies on PS4 and now I am on PS5 - although for the Takedown trophy I have created separate character. Could boosting to lvl 30 have caused it? Or a fact that I got the New York DLC installed only recently, while all the other trophies I got on my main character at a time when I did not have the DLC yet?

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@lotrzyna Hey! Its brilliant to hear that you managed to get the trophy. Thank you for sharing what worked for you.

Hopefully, this will help other players.

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