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I see on the known issues board that they are working on tweaking floor 10 summit for xp grinding, yet nothing has been done about the tombs xp glitch via jamming decoys. A while back the xp was supposedly nerfed, but I still see people firsthand who use script devices to leave their character their jamming decoys all day long for infinite xp. The xp from destroying the decoys needs to be removed altogether.

I guarantee if ubisoft looked any anyone above 12k shd the majority of the players gained it from the tombs via actual cheating. Please at least do something about this as well. At least the summit farm, while seemingly unintended, is a legitimate manual farm.

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Hey @Agt_Z !

Thanks for reaching out!

The issue with the Tombs xp should indeed be resolved at this time. Using scripts to farm experience 24/7 is another issue entirely, that the team is monitoring. If you come across such players, I'd recommend using the Report a player function in-game, so they can be tracked directly.