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Depuis ce mardi ou je me suis tp dans la zone de New-york il m'est impossible de revenir dans la zone de Washington. Dé que la téléportation devrait s'activer mon jeux crash sans message d'erreur alors que cela ne l'avait jamais fait avant le reset hebdo de cette semaine.
Une solution à proposé svp ?

Since this Tuesday when I was in the New York area, it is impossible for me to return to the Washington area. As soon as teleportation should activate, my game crashes without an error message, whereas it had never done so before the weekly reset this week.
Please suggest a solution?

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Greeting to the forums @Neo-Snake! Our team has been aware of this behavior and provided an update to mitigate this behavior. However, you may see some crashes traveling from New York to DC, but you can find a workaround for this in our maintenance notes here. Please keep us posted if the workaround helps, and if you have any other questions, please feel free to share them with us here!