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I have completed up to level 100 in season 10 pass, so i have the busy little bee. In my blue print menu in the Boo the busy little bee is locked saying "you need to aquire the weapon to re-configure".
But the blueprint isn't there from anaya. Is this the reason why i can't get a 2nd to drop, because the game thinks i haven't got it.

Many Thanks

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Hi there @AqOn01! I haven't heard of this blueprint missing before, but I would like to look into this further and see what I can do to help. Please start by completing the troubleshooting steps in this FAQ and let me know if this issue still occurs. If the blueprint is still missing after those are done, can you provide us with a screenshot showing your season pass level and one showing the blueprint is still locked? Those will be super helpful as well! Thank you. 🐙