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game runs fine since 2019, two months ago I played normally, but now,I started again with new character from lvl1 and all runs fine from beginning to first enter to white house (interiors) at 2fps, audio fine, video 2fps max. Why? old character loaded, and same problem....(only at inside)

Hey there @Visengat-BLZ

I hate to see someone suddenly having weird performance issues like this. We'll need to collect a few files from you through a support case. Click Here, and review the instructions on generating an MSINFO and DXDIAG file. Then click Here and attach those files to a support ticket about your performance issues.

In addition to those files, can you take a few screenshots of your in-game Graphics and Display settings?

Once we have all that info there may be some recommendations for settings changes or troubleshooting steps I can give you!