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So I was enjoying taking my time exploring and doing missions in DC. Last time I played, I think I got a disconnect, but am not sure. Anyways, when I logged in today, I am now in NY. I am now level 30. And from what I read, I can't get back to DC until I finish NY. I deliberately never took the NY mission because I wanted to finish DC first. What happened? Am I going to have to start a new character to go back to DC? Why did I get sent to NY?

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Hey there @RevCinquain, you might have run into a pretty sticky issue where the game gets confused about the agents that you have access to. Did you get asked to create a brand new character and play through the tutorial again when you started the game and ran into this?

If you just select the option to start a new character either in the default location or in NY, you should be able to quit out and load into your already existing character after that.

Let us know if you had something different than what I described happen!