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Raiding should be about the clan, about being social like in the old days. People who push and play to raid, that is not raiding. Building up your peers, working on a goal. Being social and planning it. That is what raiding is about.

If you make a match making version that is easier. No one will go through the trouble of caring about clans or being social. Devs the only way to get people to start being social again, to make raids have more meaning is for people to be pushed to be more social for it.

I respect you for this, but like I said it would lose all meaning if you just dumb it down for match making people. Wow spoiled people with raiding thinking they are raiders by just pushing a button and doing a raid. That is not what true raiding was about, and we need to bring it back.

Oh and give console global chat, make them be social also
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