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As it says in the title, i can use the map normally but when i switch to the targeted loot mode on the map it crashes everytime.
I already submitted a crash report on the ubisoft connect app, but i was wondering if this issue was happening to more people.

13 days ago - Ubi-Thrupney - Direct link

@EmeraldArrow14 Hey there, thanks very much for reaching out with this crashing report when using the Targeted Loot mode of the map. I'm sorry to hear about this 😞 But I'm very confident that we can help you sort this out.

I've had a look around internally, and I don't see any similar reports of crashing when using this feature. With that in mind, we can probably solve it with some local troubleshooting. Can you start with the troubleshooting guide for me? In particular from the guide, please make sure you are running the game with administrator rights, you've verified the game files, you've got your graphics drivers and Windows install fully updated, and you've (at least temporarily, for testing) deactivated all background programs. 

If the crash still happens after those steps, let me know - there's some more intensive troubleshooting we can try instead if needed 🙂