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Bought this game and warlords exp, im a busy guy and figured it was just typical ubisoft giving me the Mike-01 error. I have fully upgraded the computer, gotten new internet supplier and waited a freaking year and a half to play this, finally trying now and it still has the same mike-01 issue, the servers are fine so it says. I honestly dont expect to be able to play this, im not spending another day trying to figure it out and it blows my mind EVERY SINGLE TIME I buy a ubisoft game I have to spend a day looking for fixes and tips on how to get it to actually work. Spend half a day trying to play heroes of might and magic 7 yesterday but ubisoft connect locked me out (because the website was unlogging and relogging me in every time I clicked on anything). Does anyone have a simple quick fix for this? Can I get a refund even though its this old if I can show I've never gotten to actually play the game? I'm fully tired of ubisoft and am putting them on my do not buy list forever. This is so foolish, even trash indie games give me 0 issues. EVERY SINGLE UBI GAME I"VE EVER PLAYED has made me miserable beforehand. I give up.

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Hey @AngerOfTheLand

I'm sorry to see you're having issues with a MIKE01 issue in The Division 2. Thanks for sharing the steps you've already done, and I'm sorry to hear you've had to use a lot of your time on this.

Would you please be able to tell me if you've done all the steps from this article, as well as a port-forwarding for the game? These steps usually help if you encounter a MIKE01 error code.

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