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1.All my weapons that I had upgraded to 20 expertise dropped back to level 19. I have to raise the level of expertise again!

2.Some of my assault rifles now fire like regular rifles. 

3.Players load tons of heavily farmed materials and the developer constantly withdraws their expertise every time the patch. It's not just a mistake anymore, it happens all the time. Why do you not check your creation before sharing it with players? Why do I have to angry instead of enjoying the game!

4.I bought a season pass with money to have nice new skins as long as the weapons and skins are not working and the whole season pass is buggy!

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Hey guys,

Thanks for reaching out, these issues are already known to the tea, with plans to release a fix for them alongside TU16.1.

You can read the full Known Issues list here.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused and if there's anything more we can answer, please let us know!