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I would like to report this bug with the new named Backpack "Hermano" which has the Perfect Overclock Talent.

Based on the talent description, skills on cooldown should receive a 60% CD Reduction while the player or their allies are in proximity of a deployed Skill.

The normal talent on a non named Backpack grants a 20% reduction only.

However, at present, both the Perfect and Normal Talent are providing the same 20% Cooldown Reduction.

Please refer to the following two videos:


In this first one, my Cluster Seeker has a 20.5 seconds Cooldown with Normal Overclock. When I deploy and cancel the skill, if you time it with a stopwatch, this is actually an effective duration of around 17s because Overlock is active. The 4 seconds reduction corresponds to a 20% reduction.


In this second video, my Cluster Seeker has again a 20.5 seconds Cooldown but this time with Perfect Overclock. Once again timed on a stopwatch it's about 17s for 20% CD reduction.

You can test this with pretty much any skills and it will always come up with the same result.

Conclusion: Overclock and Perfect Overclock are numerically the same.

10 days ago - Ubi-Greybeard - Direct link

Hey @Im_Pine !

Thanks for reaching out, and apologies for the delayed response.

I've taken a look at your videos, and one thing that stood out, was that we can't see the talent "Perfect Overclock" on your backpack (went a bit fast and didn't scroll down). Before we're able to forward this information to the development team for further investigation, we'll need to confirm the exact behaviour with both different talents.

Would it be possible to make a short clip showing the behaviour with the backpacks using both "Overclock" and "Perfect Overclock"? We'll make sure to submit this report once we've confirmed the issue.

9 days ago - Ubi-Greybeard - Direct link

Hey @Im_Pine !

Thanks for the videos, this was exactly what I needed to report this to the development team!

I've now forwarded everything to the team to investigate. We shouldn't require any more actions from you, but if there's any further questions from the team, we'll reach out again here. When there's news about a possible fix, it'll be posted in the News & Announcements section of this forum.

@ankvangoro Thanks for your input, I collected your info as well and added it to the report.

8 days ago - Ubi-Greybeard - Direct link

Hi @Im_Pine !

My pleasure to help where I can!

Let us know if there's anything else we might be able to help with, my colleagues and I are always happy to assist!